The only question that remains is now 'when'.


Class G, the legendary off-road car went through a complete overhaul last year, or rather, a new car hit the road, which more than just resembles of its predecessor. The bodywork even seems to be the same as with the first generation, which, of course, is not true. They have updated all of the components of the vehicle, from the bodywork to the chassis, interior, safety devices, and of course, the drive train. But in this particular part of Mercedes-Benz, he has not yet said his final word, as it appears, since they had revealed their last ace, that will ultimately bring Class G into this century.

Mercedes-Benz is one of those car manufacturers that could face problems in the future due to excessive quantities of harmful exhausts. While on the one hand, the market is already offering new features such as the EQC, and, on the other hand, depending on the version, cars like G-class 63 AMG contribute to a strong increase in the average amount of emissions. This particular version releases 304 grams of CO2 into the air per kilometre!

But as a counterweight, Mercedes has now decided to electrify Class G. This information was disclosed by the Daimler CEO himself, Ola Kallenius to the Automobilwoche online portal. But with the details were scarse.No date for the arrival of the new representative of the electrical kind has been revealed, nor what kind of electric motor (or several of them) will take care of the drive, and what kind/how big of a battery pack will be provided for the power supply. However, the very information alone that this is going to happen is interesting, because it will be one of the first real off-road cars to be equipped with electric motors from facotry

Nov. 12, 2019 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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