Mercedes-Benz Vans presented Vision URBANETIC, the concept of future mobility, which as they say, goes far beyond the existing concepts of autonomous vehicles and eliminates the separation between the transport of people and goods.

The concept is based on an autonomous electric-powered chassis, on which you can attach various bodywork for the transport of people and goods. As a vehicle for group driving in split schemes, the chassis can be equipped with a cabin with up to twelve seats and a cargo upgrade can transport up to twelve Euro pallets. The loading area of ​​3.70 meters in this case perfectly complies with the 5.14 meter length of the entire vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Vans also included the concept of the information technology infrastructure that analyzes real-time supplies and orders in a specific area and adapts them to the logistics of the fleet of electric vehicles. Because it is fully integrated into web networks and also evaluates local information - let's say. if there is a concert or other similar event in the surroundings - it can also predict the possibility of increasing transportation needs and adapt the fleet of delivery vehicles to them. And by anticipating traffic congestion and bypassing them, it can also shorten delivery times.

Thanks to a fully automated driving without driver, fleet management costs can also be considerably reduced. Vehicles are also always available, with shorter intervals for charging batteries and services. It is also a way, for example, to make less busy passenger lines profitable. As there is no need for driver and driver's space, more space can be used to carry people or cargo.

Sept. 12, 2018 Driving photo: Daimler

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