Here comes the eSprinetr

Mercedes-Benz may be far from one of their goals of electrifying their entire fleet of passanger cars. However, when it comes to segment of van's, they have now finished (much easier) job. After making an EQV, electric version of V class, Mercedes has now presented its bigger, more spacious brother, the eSprinter. So, what is that all about? Is it any use, or is it just something to brag about?

For workers, contractors and even fleet operators to name a few it is deffinetly something to think aboout, when buying a vehicle to deliver payload within the city or to its outskirts. In fact, at least 115 kilometers could one make on a single charge and that is with a smaller battery pack. The bigger one should get further 50 kilometers more, but with a reduced payload of 891 kilograms in 10,5 cubic meters of space in cargo area. Option of fast charging is without any doubt a bonus.

And to make that battery last even longer, Mercedes has decided to put into eSprinter a system for energy recuperation, which will have for levels of intensity, from D- to D++, where driver will need no braking pedal for most of the time.

While eSprinter, the vehicle itself is a key tool for the bussiness, it is not the only one, Mercedes is offering. Buyers of the vehicle will also be able to buy Wallbox – one or more, all through Parts sales – and even Value Package of Mercedes PRO connect introduced in March 2019, that will be used by fleet managers and will enable, for instance, heating the car from the distance, Intelligent charging management service.

Dec. 18, 2019 Driving photo: Daimler AG

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