MG Motor, a Chinese-owned British brand most known for their small vehicles, recently revealed an interesting concept in Shanghai: the all-new electric supercar concept MG E Motion, which is a good indicator of things to come.


MG E Motion is a 4-seater coupe concept with 'sportback' basis for the exteriror look and a combination of modern and classic design lines, paying tribute to the brand's hundred-year heritage. Attention is also brought to the starlight matrix front grill, which - together with headlights - reminds us of the London Eye. The concept is also equipped with a high-performing infotainment system, which is fully connected to the world wide web - something that MG Motor believes will make their product interesting to the younger drivers.

Technolgical basis of the concept is an electric modular platform, developed in-house. The powertrain is, of course, electric, and according to MG Motor, it accelerates 0-100kmph in less than four seconds and delivers a range of more than 500km.

April 22, 2017 Driving photo: MG Motor

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