Much of this thanks to Tesla Model 3 being by fair the best selling electric and electrified car on the market.

The first quarter of the year 2019 is well behind us, which means that analytics companies had recently quite a lot of work to do. And it seems, according to Jato Dynamics, that it has been a good quarter for electrified cars in Europe. In fact, it seems it was the best one so far, considering the fact, that it has been the first time in history of Europe, that number of sold cars, running on alternative fuels went past, went past six figures. This has happened in March.

In fact, while in general sales of new cars in the first quarter went down a bit, sales numbers of electrified cars went, as mentioned up and, like many would wish, on the account of diesel cars. While 7,1 percent of all new cars sold in March were electrified, only 31 percent of them were diesel. It is worth noticing, that this is the lowest number since September 2000.

But still, there is always one winner when looking the charts, one on the top and in March that was Tesla and its Model three. In fact, Tesla’s sales numbers in March skyrocketed through the roof as the company managed to sell 17.440 cars in that month alone. That is 276 percent more than in March 2018, when Model 3 was not yet for sale in Europe. Furthermore, the company sold 1.500 cars less than Honda.

Talking about model it is once again Tesla on top. With 15.683 examples sold, it found more buyers than Zoe, Leaf, i3 and Golf EV, second, third, fourth, and fifth bestselling electric cars alone. It also found more buyers than hybrid version of Toyota Yaris (bestselling hybrid) and Outlander PHEV. It is thus safe to say that bringing Model 3 to Europe was a right thing to do.

April 29, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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