Celebrating its centenary under the motto "THE NEXT 100 YEARS",  the BMW Group presented a concept of Vision Next 100 by Mini, which foresess the future of car-sharing with a completely individualised, permanently available form of urban mobility.


Similarly to how you feel about your smartphone (it's not really yours until you pack it with your favourite apps, photos and music), Mini Vision 100 also remains a mere sum of mechanics and electronics - at least until it lights up its panels and the interior according to the digital profile, created by and tailored to personal requirements of the owner. The MINI uses projections adapted to the driver in terms of colour, graphics and content to create a personalised experience and customised package of on-board information.

Design-wise, Mini Vision Next 100 of course cannot hide its roots. It is obviously staying true to all Mini's signature features, such as having the roof painted in another colour than other parts of the exterior.  It comes with clean shapes, while the windscreen continues over the hood - although there is no engine underneath it - and the front mask. Instead of dashboard there is a fine brass structure with an attached "Cooperizer", a centrally positioned circular instrument that forms a connection between the driver and digital intelligence.

Within the mobile future concept, Mini also predicts car-sharing. Mini's users, namely, will not be its users - rather than that, they will share the car with others, using a mobile app. To stick to individuality, which is quite distinctive of all Mini drivers, the car will use face and body recognition in order to select a personalised setting for each driver, encompassing entertainment, communications and autonomous-driving options.

Nothing has yet been revealed when it comes to powertrain, but we can safely assume the new Mini will feature an all-electric drive. The car will, of course, drive completely autonomously, and when the driver will be ready to take over the steering wheel, he or she will be able to decide, whether one wishes to drive on the left or the right side of the road.

June 20, 2016 Driving photo: Mini

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