In automobiles, we love the various screens for this and that, but they can be a dangerous distraction for the driver when they draw his view from the road. Why wouldn't we make it so that, for example, the screen would be integrated into the driver's glasses.


With the project MINI Augmented Vision, Mini has in collaboration with the company Qualcomm presented the ways in which we could intelligently connect the driver's vision correction or fashion accessory with the infotainment applications of the vehicle. Spectacle lenses are by default a transparent surface right in front of the eyes of the driver, so after all, that surface could be used to carry a head-up liquid crystal display.

In this fashion, without interrupting his view of the road and endangering himself and other road users, the driver can monitor a wide variety of information displayed through the glasses, such as destinations of the navigation device with current location and route to final destination, direction arrows, speed display, speed limit, engine RPM and the like, always displayed on the same virtual spot above the steering wheel so as to not interfere with the view from the car.

May 3, 2015 Driving photo: MINI

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