For the automobile salon in Tokio, Mitsubushi prepared a study of a small electric SUV with next generation electric engine.

Its electric powertrain combines the lithium-ion battery with the capacity of 45 kWh and a 70 kW electric motor on both axles which are lightweight and more efficient than ever before. In combination with the lightweight construction of the car, the powertrain allows a battery range of up to 400 kilometres. Because the battery is installed in the bottom of the bodywork, the car's centre of gravity is very low and in combination with an all-wheel drive and integrated dynamics control S-AWC it offers excellent handling performance and high stability.

Mitsubishi eX Concept is also equipped with the automatic driving technology including the technology of connected cars with next generation of IT systems and advanced technology for active safety, which automatically responds to dangers on the road. It also warns the driver about any faults and irregularities in the operation of the vehicle on time.

The designers have resorted to very concentrated and highly functioning bodywork lines that combine the elegance of the "shooting brake" design with the robustness of a compact SUV. The front is a functional interpretation of the MMC Dynamic Shield design with protruding rubberised bumper bottom providing cushioning in the event of collisions with pedestrians and possible obstacles.

Different-coloured seats seemingly separate the driver's and front passenger's space, while the combination of a lightweight frame and soft cover material on the dashboard and other interior elements increases the sensations of comfort and considerably reduces the weight of the car. Two portable batteries are installed in the central console. The driver is assisted with visuals on the windshield and the dashboard's intelligent display as well as high-resolution video cameras which in combination with the interior displays replace the classical rear-view mirrors.

Oct. 27, 2015 Driving photo: Mitsubishi

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