For the Tokio Motor Show Mitsubishi is readying a e-VOLUTION CONCEPT in which they united a electric four wheel drive technology and artificial intelligence.


According to their claims with the use of three eletric motors with high power and torque and high capacity lithium-ion batteries Mitsubishi managed to ensure very responsive acceleration which difffers electric cars from the internal combustion ones. The four wheel drive consists of one engine at the front and two at the rear of the car, which are managed by the torque vectoring system Active Yaw Control. It distributes their power between both wheels according to demands, be it on the highway in the city or on the winding country road.

In the administrative center of the car seats a system for artificial intelligence, which takes care of drivers driving abilities. With sensors it constantly monitors the driving condition and drivers behaviour and adjusts drivers intentions with the car to make driving less stressfull. The car also featurs a driver's training function, which makes a profile of drivers abilities first, and then it develops a training programme to improve driver's response in various situations.

Oct. 6, 2017 Driving photo: Mitsubishi

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