To test the concept of car sharing, comapny is already testing 20 VW T6 Transporters in real life

Volkswagen is lately doing a lot on the field of electric cars. You have probably heard about their first three cars, I.D. BUZZ, I.D. and I.D. CROZZ, which should hit the market in less than two years. But there is more about Volkswagen and project of making electric cars, then most people know. What we are talking about is company called Moia, which is designing their first electric car, that is going to be used for the purpose of car sharing.

Moia, to most people unknown name or company is a Berlin based start-up business, that is in 100 percent control of mentioned German car maker. Their first project is a fully electric van, that was recently presented at the Berlin's TechCrunch 2017 convention and is a result of only 10 months of work. However, most of was made in collaboration with Volkswagen, which already has some knowledge on projects and cars like this.

Batteries strong enough to last for better part of the day

Because of VW and its role in the project it is kind of expected, that this has to be seen somewhere. Moia this took Volkswagen's most recent generation of model Crafter (which Volkswagen itself from few days ago also offers with fully electric drivetrain to potential clients) and turned it into a passenger van. However, it has quite altered exterior with new front grill, larger side windows and different rear end. Inside there will be six seats, split in three rows + driver's seat.

Even thou Moia's new and yet to be named car is meant to be used in cities with the goal of reducing congestion it still has quite a good range of 300 kilometers with one charge. After being depleted, battery should get filled to 80 percent capacity in only half an hour.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Moia

Dec. 25, 2017 Driving photo: Moia

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