Together the company will continue to work on Morgan's first electric car, announced last year in car show in Geneva.

It is interesting to see, how things can change in just few Years. For instance, if we look just few years back in history, we can see that hardly any car manufacturer was producing hybrid, let alone fully electric cars. And those, who made such cars didn't record any particular success with them, when it comes to sales number. Companies, producing such cars were either newcomers or old ones, making electric cars as some kind of experiment. How fast things change...

Moving few years forward into present time and situation is completely different and even old small car manufacturers are starting to 'think green'. Last among those is British company called Morgan, who signed an agreement with one industry's leading company Frazer-Nash. Another British company, formerly known as an F1 team will provide electric Morgan's first electric car EV3 with completely new power plant and fast charging batteries.

190 kilometers of autonomy

EV3 is on the other side is a three-wheel car, that Morgan announced earlier last year in car show at Geneva. Being first electric car Morgan is about to make, company has decided, that it should look similar to company's first ever road car, V-Twin from year 1912. This means that the car is going to have a plane-like body with two wheels in the front and only a single wheel in the back.

Since the agreement has been made, Morgan already published some basic data on car's performances. It will have only one electric motor with power output of 34.8 kw with 41,8 kw peak. Electricity will be provided with the lithium-ion battery pack with total capacity of 21 kWh. This should give a total autonomy of 190 kilometers.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Morgan

Dec. 20, 2017 Driving photo: Morgan

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