The six-wheel giant fascinated visitors of the Summer of Mars festival at the Kennedy Space Center. Meet the vehicle, designed to one day unveil the secrets of the mystic Mars. 

NASA otherwise already has their Lunar Rover all set, desigend to drive around the dusty surface of the Moon, they however needed something quite different to conquer Mars. Mars Rover concept was built by Parker Brothers Concepts, together with engineers from NASA. Its specifications are seriously impressive. 

The vehicle weighs 2.721 kilograms and reaches 3.3 meters in height. There is enough room for 4 expedition team members, who are being promised a relatively quiet drive over an otherwise rather harsh terrain of the Red Planet. State of the art suspension is complemented by wheels, with 1.27 meters in diameter. They were developed exclusively for a clear, unobstructed drive on sand, covering the surface of Mars.  

The concept includes solar panels for collecting additional energy and is fully equipped with everything it requires to perform its scouting operations and to dub as a mobile research lab. 

NASA representatives did not reveal much else. We do however know that the concept is powered by a 700V battery, allowing speeds of up to 112 km/h on the surface of our own planet Earth, but when on Mars and driving under extreme circumstances, experts expect the vehicle to reach maximum speeds between 16 and 24 km/h.

June 27, 2017 Driving photo: NASA

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