While most of company's fascilities are located in Netherlend, with introduction of new chargers is has also announced an intention to spread into Germany, Belgium and even UK.

Charging electric cars could soon become much faster and the reason for that is Dutch based company called Fastned, which at the beginning of this month installed their first fast charger for electric cars. Fast charger though got an entirely new meaning, as the company has more than doubled the output power of their new charger, first one being based at 'De Watering' service area on highway A8 near Amsterdam.

When most fast DC current electric chargers have an output power of 150 kilowatts, new generation of fast charging, provided by ABB has a power output of 350 kilowatts. In reality, this means that electric cars, equipped with second generation of batteries can charge up to 500 kilometers in just 15 minutes. Few of such cars like Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-tron are currently being presented in Geneva and will soon be available to public.

New technology and also new design

Together with a new generation of 350 kW chargers company has also set up few others on different locations with a power output of 175 kW. And just like the formerly mentioned one they also come with a totally new design, which includes much higher clearance and roof, covered with semi transparent solar cells.

"I am very proud of our new station. María García, our architect, has put a lot of energy into an iconic design that is better in every detail and that's visible. It's very important to increase the charging speed, because it makes driving EVs attractive to more people. Because the question that almost every consumer asks is "How long does it take to charge?" said Fastned's Co-funder Bart Lubbers with delight.

March 10, 2018 Driving photo: Profimedia

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