When it comes to market in summer, Kona EV will become first fully electric car, available in Europe

Hyundai has recently become one of the key players in developing alternative drives for automobiles and is focusing on development of Fuel Cell-driven cars and even Hydrogen driven cars. However, Koreans are not neglecting current trends in car industry, where there are two things, that people just love: Electric cars and crossovers/SUVs. Their answer is Hyundai Kona EV, company's first fully electric car.

Kona is company most recent car and also the smallest in the line of SUVs, which are also known as crossovers, due to their very limited off-road capabilities. And while the 'donor' car is already available on most markets, Hyundai is still quite mysterious when it comes to presenting the new electric driven automobile.

However, while we do know pretty much nothing about car's looks, company has given us some quite impressive information about its propulsion and autonomy. Hyundai has promised, that Kona EV will be equipped with one – which probably means two-wheel drive – of the most powerful electric motors in the segment. And even though battery capacity is yet to be revealed, Kona EV will be able to drive for (almost) 470 kilometers on a single charge according to a new WLTP testing cycle.

Official presentation of Kona EV will be held on 27. Of February, while the car itself will be firstly put on public display at the upcoming car show in Geneva at the sometime this summer.

Feb. 7, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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