In the Netherlands they decided to beat the record previously set at the Berlin ePrix in May 2015, when 577 electric cars took part in a then largest EV parade. The record was indeed broken as 746 electric vehicles set on the road at the same time.


The largest parade of electric vehicles - organized by Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde - took place in Brabant, a province in the south of the Netherlands, where 746 electric vehicles drove for over 3.5 kilometers on the A270, all the way from Helmond and Eindhoven.

The parade featured various electric vehicles, from Nissan models to Renaults, BMWs, Teslas and many others. Also appearing were electric buses and trucks, electric bikes and segways, and even a vehicle powered by solar cells - Stella solar car.

This was a charitable parade, as all the money gathered is to be donated to an educational program for children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

April 5, 2017 Driving photo: E-Parade

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