German champion driver Nico Rosberg will treat fans of Formula E with the first public demonstration of next generation electric racing car, which will take part ahead of the Formula E race at the Tempelhoff airport in Berlin on May 19.

The Gen2 electric racer will not only have a new more futuristic look comparing to current cars, but will also almost double the energy storage capacity and thus be able to prolong racing distances.

Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E, mentioned: "It's a very special moment to see a new car running for the first time in public and it requires an equally special name to have that honour. To see a name like Rosberg taking the wheel of the Gen2 car in front of the German fans in Berlin is a great moment for the series."

In addition to ten minutes drive before the race, Rosberg will also announce his commitment to electric racing by making a long term investor and shareholder involvement in the championship. As an introduction to his drive he also commented: "I'm really excited to get behind the wheel of the Gen2 car. It will be great to experience this high-performance e-mobility car and let's see if I still have it in me! It makes it even more special that I'm able to do this at the Berlin E-Prix, as I've always loved racing in my home country - Germany. Since my retirement, I've become very interested in the e-mobility movement and its potential to positively impact our society and our planet. I've therefore also long believed in the potential of Formula E and came on board as an investor some time ago."

April 10, 2018 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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