Welcome to the quietest and most beautiful rally ever!

Due to last year's success and becoming the biggest European electric car event of this kind, the Nikola Tesla Rally is expanding this year. 

The event, which is scheduled for the last weekend in May (31.5. - 7.6.) and has visited 3 countries on the Adriatic coast last year, will once again host a few dozen electric vehicles. The conditions for participation remain the same: battery electric vehicle with a range of at least 110 kilometres, individual stages are about 150 kilometres long. You can find out more about the rally (and sign up) at http://www.nikolateslaevrally.com.hr/

Aside from the competitive part for participating teams, the most attention is once again focused on ambassadors skill-driving electric cars. Within the event, the organisers will also provide a few charging stations for electric vehicles.

If you want you can also rent a Tesla Model S or X HERE and join them on the most beautiful rally in the world.

May 15, 2017 Driving

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