The ninth FIA Formula E race of the season will take place this Saturday in the Russian capital Moscow, namely on the famous Red Square, basically at the entrance of the Kremlin.


There will be a paddock along the walls of the old palace of Russian rulers, and the start of the race will take place at the bank of the Moscow River. Afterwards the cars will drive along the river in an anti-clockwise direction towards a 90-degree turn to the left and continue the ride north towards the Old Square where the drivers will be challenged by a quick succession of 90-degrees turns. From the Old Square the track will lead them along the Gostiny Dvor palace all the way to the Kremlin, where the cars will return to the starting-point of the race near the Moscow River and conclude the 2, 39 km long circuit.

FIA president Jean Todt said in the statement before the Moscow race that "after the debut of WTCC series two years ago and of Formula One last year, the launch of another FIA championship in the country represents an important milestone in its growth. It fits perfectly into the FIA's traditional role as a leading promoter of innovation, technology and performance in the automotive sector. I am certain that Moscow will enjoy the event."

June 3, 2015 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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