NextEV, the Texas-based start-up and the winner of the first Formula E Championship, took the opportunity at the South by Suthwest Festival in Austin to introduce NIO EVE, the embodiment of their vision for the future of autonomous cars. The first production car is expected to become available in 2020. 

Developing NIO EVE the company used its knowledge and experience previously gained by taking part in the Formula E Championship and by creating the electric supercar NIO EP9 that set a number of electric car speed records.

With the NIO EVE concept, NIO is announcing their autonomous sedan of the future, suitable for daily commuting and road trips, school runs and nights out. It will dub as your digital buddy and a robot on wheels, constantly adapting to the user's wishes and habits. In its core will be NOMI, the voice activated artificial intelligence engine with an intuitive human interface, providing verbal and visual connections both within the vehicle and with the outside world, capable of personalizing each driving experience based on current road conditions and activities. With the help of vehicle's active glass it will provide an augmented vision for occupants and for new kinds of entertainment.

The car will feature no conventional A and B pillars, so the cabin will be very to access. The seats are fixed, belted and positioned in a way to offer enough flexibility and an enhanced feeling of openness inside the cabin, and by reclining, they will make sure the user gets its fair share of relaxation or even sleep. Also available as work or play space there will be a smaller folding table. During autonomous drive, the front two seats will let users enjoy a nice panoramic view, and when the driver is ready to take over the steering wheel, digital displays provided on the active glass will supply him with all system information.

March 14, 2017 Driving photo: NextEV

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