After two hybrids and a supersport, the Chinese company has now introduced an electric limousine.


The Chinese start-up company specialising in the production of electric cars, Nio is continuing to accelerate the launch of new models onto the market. It has not been six months since the last two recruits and already the light of the world has seen a new model. But if this couple is a hybrid, this time the company has taken a different route. The third newcomer in the last six months is an electrically driven limousine called ET.

Although the name is reminiscent of the famous film about an alien forgotrn on thr face of the Earth, Nio ET Preview – after all it is still a concept that serves as the announcement of the new series sedan – has nothing with him. The newcomer likely to be named ET7 in the future is a perfectly conventional electric limousine which, judging from the external dimensions, will belong to Class E. range Mercedes-Benz.

What was hidden under the upcomming car's bodywork was not revealed by Nio, but it is quite possible that ET is based on one of the two platforms presented by the Chinese in its home Shanghai. If this is true, production version of the car might have been designed on the platform with one 220-kilowatt electric motor on the front axle, and the battery set with a capacity that would – as measured by the standard NEDC – cprovide up to 510 kilometres of autonomy. In reality, this number will be significantly smaller.

When is the new car  gonna hit the road? it's not clear yet, but it has been speculated that this might not be until next year. Nio assured us a while ago that new cars would only be represented by one each year, and this year it was supposed to be the ES6.

April 16, 2019 Driving photo: Dušan Lukič

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