This is a part of the new plan, which also includes strategies for developing autonoums cars and full connectvity among Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun cars.


When introduced in 2010, Nissan Leaf was world's first electric car, suitable for mass production. Eventually and not surprisingly off course it became the bestselling electric car of all times (so far). It was only naturally, that Nissan presented (in autumn last year) its successor, which will most likely continue the path, laid down by the first generation. Nissan's plans on the field of electric cars are growing bigger though or so it seems according to the plan, laid down today in Yokohama.

In the plan called M.O.V.E., Nissan announced a goal of producing one million electric cars by the year 2022. To realize this plan, they will present new electric model once every half a year, starting with a new member of so-called C-segment, derived from Nissan Leaf. Among this new model, Nissan will also continue expending their e-Power, presented with Note and Serena, which proved to be quite a success in their home country.

A system, that will enable autonomus driving on highways within next four years

Hand in hand with electric cars, Japan Company will continue developing autonomous cars. As part of its strategy, Nissan will deploy 20 different types of vehicles by the end of 2022, all equipped with ProPilot system. A total of one million cars with ProPilot technology are planned to be sold within next four years. This system will later be upgraded so that it will be able to automate multilane driving on highways and managing vehicle destinations.

Among other goals, included in M.O.V.E. plan is electrifying new INFINITI models from fiscal year 2021 and reaching 100% connectivity for all new Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun cars sold in key markets by the end of the plan. This will be achieved with the launch of the Alliance Connected Cloud, a service, that will allow for all of the Alliance companies to integrate the data management of future for old and new cars.

March 23, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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