Nissan is exploring design of the future compact SUV with the Xmotion concept in Detroit.

Six-passenger, three-row Nissan Xmotion (cross motion) concept fuses Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship with American-style utility and new-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology. Signaling the future of Nissan design, the Xmotion concept's exterior features a powerful dynamic presence with understated sculptural beauty, including U-shaped highlights and a evolution of Nissan's signature V-motion grille. The visual simplicity of the exterior is contrasted by the rugged, mechanical tool-inspired all-terrain metal-crafted wheels. There is also a retractable rooftop box and tail light are inspired by Japanese woodwork.

With its long wheelbase and wheels in extreme corners designers managed to create 4+2 passenger layout with three rows of individual seats. Interior is designed so that it symbolizes a Japanese landscape and incorporates advanced graphic user interfaces and autonomous driving technologies.

There's imagery of a river on the floor and center console, which acts as a bridge is designed with a traditional Japanese architectural wood joinery technique, kanawa tsugi, found in the carpentry used to build religious temples and shrines. Instrument panel design is a modern interpretation of traditional kigumi wood joinery which creates a sense of strength and trust. There are seven digital screen portions in the interiour with displays, which can be controlled by gestures and eye movements to allow drivers to focus on driving, helping them access various information in easy and safe manner.

"We envision the Xmotion concept to be a highly functional SUV that can be driven every day, yet can take the owners and friends to a national park or recreation area on a whim," said Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's senior vice president of global design. "With its combination of style and technology, this concept fulfills Nissan's mission of moving people to a better world."

Jan. 16, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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