Nissan's new Serena, which is scheduled to go on sale in August, will be equipped with ProPILOT autonomous drive technology - a first for any Japanese car manufacturer!

Nissan's ProPILOT technology was designed for highway use in single-lane traffic and offers steering, accelerator and braking that can be operated in full automatic mode – something that has never been introduced before by any other Japanese carmaker. ProPILOT is based on advanced image-processing technology, helping the system analyze road and traffic situations, according to which the car can be steered with high precision. Passengers inside the car get a feeling of a natural drive, may it be during long trips or in heavy traffic on the highways. ProPILOT is very user-friendly – you can easily activate and deactivate the system by using an on/off switch on the steering wheel, and a personal display is always there to show the operating status of the moving vehicle.

The advanced-image processing system gets all the information through a mono camera that is able to quickly recognize preceding vehicles and lane markers with the help of three-dimensional depth. Autonomous drive is then adapted accordingly to the processed data.

When the ProPILOT is on, it is able to automatically control the distance between the vehicle and the preceding vehicle, while keeping the car in the middle of the highway lane. During the drive, the system uses a speed that was earlier pre-set by the driver. If needed, it can also automatically brake and stop the vehicle.

Nissan Serena is the first automobile that will be equipped with the ProPILOT system, but certainly not the last – it will also be featured in other models, including the 2017 Nissan Qashqai for the European market. In 2018, Nissan plans to present amulti-lane autonomous driving technology that will enable automatic lane changes on highways. Two years later, in 2020, autonomous driving on urban roads and in intersections is to be launched.

July 15, 2016 Driving photo: Nissan

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