While still in Concept phase, we may eventually expect it to get on the road with little changes on the outside and inside.

Nissan Qashqai has been (and still is) one of the first affordable SUV's on the market, being among top three best selling car in this segment for years. So if it had arrived later than it did, it might have problems to make the nime for itself in this competitive market. This, however is going to be a mission for its electricity-driven sister (once it gets in production), Nissan Ariya.

Nissan's star of this year's Tokyo car show is an SUV (concept) in which they are combineing an electric propulsion on one side and spacious, yet premium (in terms of quality) interior on the other. But if we first pay atention to former, let us just say, the car was given a pair of electric motors of unknown power output. Instead, they have paid more attention to comfort, image and safety.

Nissan made the Ariya with a totally flat floor, enabling more space and practicality inside. One of the key features is dash board, that retracts when not needed.

Assistive technology is based on ProPilot 2.0 technology offering even more security to the passenger, while also more automatization. Thanks to voice commands, operating all the necessary functions in the vehicle will be a lot easier.

Oct. 25, 2019 Driving photo: Nissan

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