Couple of days ago Nissan introduced new version of electric van e-NV200 with improved range, which broke a special kind of record with beeing the electric vehicle to tow the heaviest trailer.

For the confirmation of the towed weight we stil have to wait for the record in Guinees Book of Record, but we can say that what Nissan e-NV200 towed in Oslo was no less than a mobile house. It certainly much excedeed 430 kilograms of allowed towing weight and is considered the heaviest cargo, towed by a road legal electric car.

In the project also the Nissan elctric vehicles ambassador, hollywood star Robbie Margot took part. She took a drive in the new Nissan Leaf and among other, in the converstaion with the van driver, she explained that the new world record was set.

Oct. 10, 2017 Driving photo: Nissan

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