Some 363 vehicles are going to arrive, including a very special Leaf.

Championship league final is probably the biggest football or maybe even sporting event in Europe that happens annually. We could even compared it to American Superbowl, which means, that it is also a true paradise for different companies and advertisers. This year, a special move is going to be made by Nissan, who has managed to become an official and only provider of cars and vans, needed for organizing the event.

And off course, those cars, which will be needed to transport organizers and important guests and players on days before and at the event will be something special. They will all be electric. Nissan will provide 363 Leaf’s and e-NV200’s, which will cover some 220.000 kilometers when in Madrid. Among those cars, there is also going to be a special one, Nissan Leaf RC 2.0 race car, with which Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos is going to deliver the trophy.

Gareth Dunsmore, Divisional General Manager of Marketing Communications, Connected Car Services, Customer Experience, at Nissan Europe said: "The Champions League Final and Nissan's electric vehicles are a perfect match because they are both exciting and at the top of their game. We are thrilled to offer attendees the experience of zero emissions transportation on the streets of Madrid, a city that is already at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution."

There is also another reason, why Nissan is perfect for this year’s final. Madrid has recently made a law, according to which entrance to certain parts of the city is forbidden for drivers/vehicles with old and dirty (diesel) cars. This goes for all petrol vehicles registered before 2000 and diesel ones registered before 2006, unless they happen to be residents.

May 31, 2019 Driving photo: Nissan

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