It will not happen instantly, but will be a long procedure in which Nissan plans to replace the lost revenue with a higher share of hybrid cars.

Japanese auto makers are trying to abolish diesel engines from their cars for quite some time now. After Toyota announced that it will almost completely cut diesel cars and also Subaru is slowly going back to petrol and perhaps even hybrid cars, now also Nissan will follow their example as a result of constantly decreasing demand for diesel engines. According to the Reuters news agency, the measure will be implemented gradually and in longer period of time.

Drop in costumer's interest in diesel engines began after an outbreak of diesel affair in 2015, and even fell under interest for petrol cars in recent time. Lately it was particularly evident in the UK, which in the first quarter of this year recorded much lower sales of new vehicles compared to the same period last year.

May 9, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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