Nissan's new office in Paris will be equipped with the largest grid-integrated electric vehicle (EV) system and second life battery storage unit ever installed in a building.

The new building will feature 100 vehicle-to-grid chargers, from Nissan's partner ENEL, allowing Nissan's range of EVs to plug in and draw down energy from the grid at off-peak periods with the ability to "sell back" the stored energy to the grid.

Powered by 64 Nissan LEAF second-life EV batteries combined with solar energy generation, there will also be a 1 MWh energy storage system, from Nissan's partner EATON in the building. The system will draw power from electric cars and photovoltaic cells on the building. Nissan hopes to extend this innovative second-life battery technology of storing and transferring electricity to other major Nissan centers around the world.

The new French office will also serve as a live test case of what can be achieved when electric cars are used to their full potential.

March 3, 2016 Driving photo: Nissan

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