Roughly translated it means 'spirited young horse', something Taycan without a doubt is.

Difficult are the times Porsche is facing now. Due to the stricter WLTP tests, that are replacing old and inaccurate NEDC tests, Company has actually stop the production of its cars until further notice. However, all activities have not been stopped, especially those, connected with this year's celebration of 70th birthday and development of electric cars. In fact, a new model has been presented just this weekend and it is called Taycan.

To be fair, Taycan is not really a new car. It is actually a next step in development of company's first electric car, four-door saloon called Mission-E, which is about to hit the market somewhere in 2020. In the end it will took some 500 million euros to the develop the car, but that is only a fraction of the cost, comparing it to six billion euros, Porsche is going to invest in electric mobility by the year 2022.

The name Taycan has been selected on purpose. Roughly translated, it means 'spirited young horse', which is quite fitting for a car like this. First of all, because it is a Porsche, it has a horse inside the logo. Secondly, the car has been developed for long distance travels on a fast pace. According to NEDC it is going to have a maximum reach of 500 kilometers on a single charge, with an option of fast charging the batteries – to provide enough energy for next 100 kilometers it will only need around four minutes of charging.

June 11, 2018 Driving photo: Porsche

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