First vehicle to arrive in following years with 1.000 kWh of battery packs.

Big construction machinery or quarry machinery is most of the time also connected to big motors and thus big consuption. In fact everything about them is big, so one might thnk, it is a job, only appropriate for big and smelly engines. But those people does not work at Williams or Anglo Ammerican, one of the global mining specialists.

Latter of the two has a while ago presented a so called FutureSmart Mining, a plan or approach to sustainable mining. I order to achieve that, they have now signed a partnership with Williams Advanced engineerig tht will eventually evolve into worlds biggest Hydrogen-powered mine truck. An this is not all, as Williams is also going to develop world’s first high voltage battery system for the company’s Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle machine.

Craig Wilson, MD of Williams Advanced Engineering, commented: “We are delighted to be involved in this innovative and exciting project which showcases the scalability of battery technology from automotive and motorsport to “heavy duty” industrial applications. Operating within a harsh environment is something we are familiar with as sole battery supplier for the Extreme E programme and we remain committed to supporting long-term sustainability projects.”

Feb. 11, 2020 Driving photo: williams

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