Norwegian firm Elpedal developed a four wheeled velomobile PodBike, which has two electric motors to help driver and no chain to connect pedals to the wheels.

Instead pedals are linked directly to an electric generator. When the driver pedals, generator produces electric energy which is directly transfered to the hub motors in both rear wheels. There is also a removable battery pack, which adds some power and allows top speed to reach electronically limited 25 kilometers per hour. One battery pack also makes for an electric range of approximately 60 kilometers, but more can be added to increase the range but also the original weight of 50 kilograms with which dirver has to cope.

The Podbike is currently on the phase of rolling chasis, but soon it will get a plastic canopy and lighting equipment. It will be basically made for one adult but will also be able to seat a child or carry some cargo. Road testing will start next year and by 2019 PodBike should be ready for sale, first in Norway for about 5.000 euro.

Podbike: futureproof mobility from on Vimeo.

Nov. 4, 2017 Driving photo: PodBike

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