Almost one in four drivers planning to buy such car as their next option.

On their way to become the mainstream when it comes to propulsion, electric cars will initially have to become more popular than diesel cars. After all, with all the scandals and consequential downfall in sales numbers, buyers have finally become aware of them; and not just technology freaks but also regulars people, who wants to drive cheaper, whilst also taking care of nature and environment.

Their number is increasing fast and might do so even more significantly in the foreseeable future. This is probably the most important finding of a recent research, made by Driving Electric among the British drivers. In fact, more than one in five motorist said, that their next car is going to be all-electric. 22 percent of drivers are planning to buy such car, sliding past to drivers, preferring diesels (19 percent) and even hybrids (16 percent). To put this in another perspective: two years ago only one in ten was contemplating such decision.

“We’re now seeing a breakthrough in the perceptions of electric vehicles, from a niche phenomenon to a genuinely mainstream choice.The views of car-buyers are clearly maturing as electric vehicles become more common. This means that the original chief selling points of EVs, such as very low running costs, are now being tempered by more traditional considerations around practicality, style, infotainment and comfort," commented Vicky Parrott, Associate Editor of

Nov. 2, 2019 Driving photo: Driving electric

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