Numbers are growing higher faster every month.

Norway is for a while now a leading force, when it comes to the sale of electric cars – a fact, that we point out quite often. It is no wonder the situation is like this, given the fact, that the country has highest prices of fossil fuel in all of the Europe (even though, they are one of the producers of oil). Now, official statistics are proving this fact once more.

According to official data, provided by Norwegian government, electric cars are now representing around 6,5 per cent of all cars, registered in the country. And those are all cars, registered, not just the new ones, adding to that, there is also another three per cents of cars, that use hybrid powertrains. In terms, this means that almost one in every 10 cars is some kind of AFV. To put this in another perception, on average, countries, members of EU31, only has on average 4,3 per cent of such cars.

Talking about that, we can also check and see, which is the best-selling car among BEV’s or battery electric vehicles. It turns out it is Nissan Leaf – even though, there was a lot of interest for Hyundai Kona EV, when it was released on Norwegian market. In total, one in every four BEV’s in Norway is Nissan Leaf, while it also represents 1,7 per cent of all cars in Norway.

Nov. 4, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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