On the other hand, home chargers will become much cheaper.

From 23. Of April this year, eyes from world industry are going to be focused in Hannover, and one of the most important fairs Hannover Messe. Among companies attending the fair is also going to be ABB, one of the world's leading companies in the area of electric car chargers, which will present two of the its latest inventions, products that might significantly help in popularization of electric cars.

Probably the most important device, ABB is about to present in Hannover is the new generation of home chargers, the EVLunic AC wallbox. Four of them are going to be available, differentiating from one another by options such as authentication, built-in energy meter etc. They will provide from 4,6 kW to 22 kW of power, depending if there is a single phase or there phase power source, which – together with low cost and durable housing – should, according to ABB, make it ideal for either home or office use.

We have mentioned few weeks ago, that the same company is about to install the world fastest charger on the highway in Netherland. Such device is also going to be presented in Hannover and since the company chosen as a partner by Electrify America, we could expect them to see there quite soon.

April 22, 2018 Driving photo: ABB

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