It is going to be a successor of Adam Rallye cup.

The car salon in Frankfurt looks like it's going to be special this year. If, for example, we are slowly getting used to at least one electric car at each brand, this year we will also be witnessing electric sport cars, based on classic cars. Firstly Hyundai, from which, we expect an electric race car, based on the i30, new rally oriented Corsa – which will be at the IAA publicly presented for the first time, and in the electric image) – has announced Opel.

However, Opel's innovation is not just an experiment or race-ready looking classic Corsa-e. Reports from Russelheim are saying Opel Corsa-e is to be involved in the ew racing series with which will beceome, once introduced, the first factory-backed racing series for electric cars, nicknamed the " ADAC Opel e-The Cup with which to continue the story of Opel Rally Cup.

Rcing in this series will be quite affordable. Opel's the department for transforming regular cars in race cars has equipped Corso- with the 100-kilowatt electric motor, (which is the same as in the serial implementation) . The price has also been revealed. 50.000 euros may seem a lot compared to the conventional Corsa-e (the prices of which will start with just under 30,000 euros without the subsidies considered, which will also be possible in few countrie), but at the same time relatively little to enter motorsport.

Aug. 22, 2019 Driving photo: Opel

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