Peugeot recently leaked official images of Fractal, an electric urban Coupe, revealing a prospective design for the Peugeot i-Cockpit® that explores the sense of hearing in addition to sight and touch in the upcoming, second generation of its interior design language. In accordance with forthcoming European legislation, the vehicle features a unique digital sound signature, which is used to alert pedestrians and cyclists to its presence.


StelLab, a PSA Peugeot Citroen research unit, and Focal, the French leader in electroacoustic sound systems, have designed an innovative '9.1.2' system combining a high-quality 9.1 set-up consisting of 13 speakers featuring tactile bass systems built into the back of each seat. The system makes driving more instinctive by employing the acoustics, directly affecting the driver and the passengers. The impression of sound is strengthened by the 'spatialisation' and 'dynamisation' of sound. For the first time, Peugeot developed the vehicle's interior and exterior identity in partnership with sound designer Amon Tobin to make the car in sync with its urban environment. 

Fractal's head-up display features a high-definition holographic screen and a 45-degree polycarbonate strip that delivers additional information and creates an impression of depth. This allows the driver to customize the way information is shown. 3D-printed parts represent more than 80% of the interior trim surface.

The 40 kW/h lithium-ion battery, housed in the central tunnel, powers the electric motors on the front and rear axles to provide a total output of 150 kW/204hp (each delivering 75kW/102hp) and combined-cycle autonomy of up to 450km. Variable ground clearance allows the vehicle to adapt to different types of terrain. The 7cm clearance for motorway driving improves aerodynamics to range and boost battery life. This can be increased to 11cm in urban environments, allowing the car to take speed humps and car park entrances in its stride.

The car is extremely compact, at 3.81m long and 1.77m wide, allowing it to weave through heavy traffic.

Sept. 2, 2015 Driving photo: Peugeot

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