Instinct is what the brand's new concept is called – the attractive 'Shooting Brake' represents the brand's glimpse into the future of autonomous mobility. It's driven by 300 Ps PHEV powertrain and enables fully autonomous driving.


Autonomy comes in two modes. 'Drive' mode allows drivers to opt for 'Drive Boost', where they themselves can actively enage in driving, or 'Drive Relax', where the car's input is greater and the driver can relax more. In 'Autonomous' mode, the driver can give the car additional instructions. Being able to choose between 'Autonomous Soft' or 'Autonomous Sharp', the driver can opt for either a more comfortable ride or a more optimised journey time, so the driver reaches destination faster, no matter the comfort.

One of the onboard technologies that really stands out is the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) platform, the Samsung ArtikTM Cloud, which syncs with the user's devices, so the car learns everything about the driver's lifestyle and configures settings in a way that it's most suitable. Peugeot Instinct can even adapt to match certain behaviours. It can, for example, read data from a smartwatch, see the driver is about to come from the gym, so it configures its settings to 'Autonomous Soft' mode in order to offer its owner a relaxing ride home. Based on gathered information about the current or upcoming traffic situation or weather forecast, the car can also prompt the driver to postpone an appointment in time.

Showing evolution is also the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® interior architecture with a highly tactile, adaptable cabin, allowing the driver to easily switch from being in a focused driving environment, where his attention is required, to a comfortable lounge space, where one can relax.

Technology also rules the exterior of the new Peugeot Instinct. LED headlamps come with integrated cameras, which enable the car to scan the road ahead and communicate with the driving assistance and safety systems.

Feb. 27, 2017 Driving photo: Peugeot

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