First to hit it is Piaggio Ape.


Imagine living in a big city with millions and millions of people living in on a few tenths of square kilometers, trying to run a bussines, that includes swift delivers via caotic roads full of drivers with no particular order. Sounds like weird wish to say at least and also a task for one of most versatile vehicles, that ever came from Italy, Piaggio Ape, in India also known as one of th 'tuk-tuks'. And from now on, this task will be even easier and eco-friendly.

Italian company presented the electrical version of the tricycle, which at the same time represents the entry into the Indian market of electric vehicles. This is also why they decided to make a presentation in New Delhi, India, more specifically in Baramati itself.

It comes just at the right time when even the government began encouraging buying and use of such vehicles through the FAME, which brings five percent VAT and not to the standard 12 percent.

However, the use of vehicles itself will be quite simple, because they will be equipped with a battery pack that will be easily taken out of the vehicle and replaced with a freshly charged one when emptied. Traffic on electric power chargers will be so easily avoided and drivers will only be able to do their jobs with short trade stops.

Dec. 24, 2019 Driving photo: Piaggio

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