Not far from it, Pininfarina is going to presented another, brand new concept.

Italian automotive industry is currently not the most developed, when it comes to electric mobility. After all, they are still lacking a proper electric car, especially from Fiat or even any other manufacturer. There is however one exception, which is planning a really small production run of an electric hypercars, with which they have been teasing us quite a while now. However in about a month, we will finally see the final version of long-awaited Pininfarina Battista.

One year ago at the last Monterey car week, Italian designer has shown – but only to a selected number of potential buyers – what was thought to be production version of the car. However, some small modifications has still been made, all thanks to the time, spent in wind tunnel and Battista’s test driver, ex-formula one driver Nick Heidfield. Thanks to the work being made there, the car is going to have slightly different front end.

Michael Perschke, Automobili Pininfarina CEO, said: “We enjoyed a successful first appearance at Pebble Beach last year with the Battista prototype, but for 2019 our dreams become reality. This limited-edition masterpiece is the world’s first pure-electric luxury hypercar and we look forward to presenting it in a lightly evolved form to our clients. We have great technical insights to share and I am certain our guests will be excited to see what is coming next from our great team of designers.”

Battista is not going to be the only car Pininfarina is going to make, not even the only car, being presented in Monterey. While two-million euros car is going to be presented at House of Automobili Pininfarina near the Pebble Beach golf club, at the Vault another prototype is going to be shown, made according to the same vision of PURA, Battista has been designed.

July 16, 2019 Driving photo: Pininfarina

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