At the second Annual Elevate Summit, which was hosted by Uber in Los Angeles, Slovenian aircraft producer Pipistrel presented a study of eVTOL aircraft for city centers with dedicated drive systems for take-off and landing and flight.

The world of urban transportation is already for some time familiar with the Uber's Elevate Aviation Initiative, which is intended to raise a network of small electric air vessels in major cities around the world to allow up to four passengers to fly over densely populated urban centers with impossible traffic.

These aircraft will be electrically powered and have the possibility of vertical take-off and landing - hence the abbreviation eVTOL. They will also differ from helicopters in that they will be much more quiet, safe and friendly to the environment and the user's wallet, since they are primarily intended for shared rides.

Pipistrel, who works as an UBER Elevate partner in the project, says that their aircraft will be able to overcome longer distances and achieve higher speeds than previous models. In addition, due to an integrated lifting system, it will be quite flexible, as it can be manufactured in versions with two to six seats.

Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel's founder and General Manager said: "Pipistrel is not trying to reinvent the helicopter by giving the vehicle many rotors, but is rather embracing dedicated propulsion solutions for cruise and vertical lift with built-in scaling capability for a family of vehicles with two to six seats. Pairing an innovative integrated vertical lift system, which is quiet and efficient, with highly aerodynamic wings results in a new class of eVTOL that maximizes high-speed cruise performance and dramatically lowers cost of operation for a clear advantage to UBER Elevate passengers."

May 11, 2018 Driving photo: Pipistrel

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