It looks like customers in luxury car market prefere to buy plug-in hybrid car if there is posibility. At least in the case of Porsche Panamera it is true.

German car maker reports, that in Panamera range plug-in hybrid variants average 60 percent of all sales of this model and reach up to 90 percent in some countries. In France 70 percent of all buyers opted for plug-in hybrid, in Austria 85 percent, in Finland 85 percent and with 90 percent Norway and Belgium reached the highest share.

The trend shows that there's certainly enough interest in plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars, so Porsche's decision to offer two plug-in hybrid variantsof Panamera (or even four if we add Sport Turismo version in calculation) obviously turns out to be the wise one. It is also good entry for Porsche's future all electric derivative of Mission E concept and other models to come.

Dec. 14, 2017 Driving photo: Porsche

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