Polestar is also planning to boost the production of their first (electric) model, Polestar 1 to meet the demands.


Even though Polestar has yet to start the production of their first car, premium hybrid coupe Polestar 1, company's thoughts are already getting more and more focused on plans about their second car, middle-range sedan Polestar 2, that will hit the market in the year 2020. And while mentioned coupe is priced between 122.000 and 145.000 euros, number 2 is with a price tag of 40.000 evrov going to be a substantially more expensive alternative to Tesla Model 3. A total of 50.000 cars are planned to be built annually.

And while there has not yet been any official announcement about the pricing of Polestar 2, Thomas Ingenlath chief executive officer at Polestar, stated for Auto Express, that "Polestar 2 will join the competition with Tesla Model 3, so people should have an understanding of the size and the price tag as well. It will start around €40,000."

"We are not saying it's a Tesla killer, we are here to vividly compete with them in the market. We will launch Polestar 2 in the second half of 2019 and production will begin around the start of 2020."

Meanwhile company is considering possibilities on establishing two shift for producing 'Number 1' coupe. Their initial plan was to build 1.500 cars over the period of three years or 500 cars annually. However, since the reveal of the car in mid-October, more than 5.000 customers has expressed strong interest on buying the, which got the company thinking about the possibilities of expanding the production. Conclusions are yet to be made on this topic though.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Polestar

Feb. 8, 2018 Driving photo: Polestar

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