This is all thanks to a (costly) Porsche Electric Sport Sound system.

Porsche has with the new electric model, Taycan, eventually become a full member of the electric car manufacturers. It will no doubt represent a thorn in the side of the American Tesla, but also, to a lesser extent, of the Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar, which already offer premium electric cars, even if only in the form of SUVs. But even though Taycan will power exclusively, he will still offer some sound sets to passengers and the surrounding area.

When purchasing Taycan, it will also be possible to procure the so-called Porsche Electric sport Sound. It is a' service ' or a system by which the car will play a more aggressive, sporting sound inside and outside the vehicle. It is interesting to note that (unlike a number of car manufacturers, which in this way replace the sound stage of small turbo engines), Porsche did not choose to reproduce the sound of a petrol engine, but to reinforce the sound produced by a pair ofelectric motors.

"Porsche Electric Sport Sound enhances the vehicle’s own sound and makes it sound even more emotional — both outside and inside the vehicle. Can be activated/deactivated via Porsche Communication Management (PCM)." By the way, the above-mentioned new feature is already available on the online configurator of the vehicle under 'department' for the purchase of additional equipment attached to the electric motor, gearbox, and running gear. Price? A better part of 550 euros.

Sept. 18, 2019 Driving photo: Porsche

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