Similar to happen to both 718s and Macan


There is another successful year behind Porsche (as for all the remaining brands of the Volkswagen Group) in which three percent higher profits have been recorded. At the same time, this year was important from another perspective. The first electric-only car has finally hit the streets, Porsche Taycan. It is the first car created by a six billion-euro investment in e-mobility, and more will be made. In fact, electrification is happening to the entire fleet of vehicles.
In addition to Taycan Porsche, the electrified drive train already offers both Cayenne and Panamere models. As the first man of the company revealed in his statement to the British Autocar, the customer response so far is extremely positive. They have already received as much as 30,000 orders (with an advance of EUR 2.250) for the Taycan model, and hybrid versions of the Panamera model already accounted for as much as 60% of the total sales of model.

However, these figures have encouraged the brand to expand the line of electrified drive trains even further. Thus, Blume has already confirmed that for the first time in history, German company will put a hybrid drive train in a 911 model. When this will happen and what drive train it will be given, however, remains a mystery, and it is supposed to be one of the more powerful versions of the model in the current generation. The hybridisation of 718 models (Boxster and Cayman) and Macan is also expected. After 2022, the new generation of SUV would become a pure electric car.
In the medium term, electrified cars will become an extremely important part of Porsche sales. Stuttgart estimates that by 2025, electric and hybrid cars will represent as much as half of the total sales, with EUR 10 billion being earmarked for the Porsche hybridisation process.

March 23, 2020 Driving photo: Porsche

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