At the Ljubljana Porsche Center on Bravničarjeva street you can now take a long look at Porsche 919 Hybrid, a race car for the FIA World Endurance Championship that won 17th and 18th place for Porsche at Le Mans. 

The hybrid race car is powered by a compact two-litre turbo charged V4-cylinder (nearly 500 PS/368 kW) and highly innovative hybrid power system, which is much more advanced than the F1 one. Total system power output comes to around 900 HP (662 kW), almost half of which (more than 400 PS or 294 kW) is produced by the electric motor boosting the front axle.

This year as well Porsche is going for the win at 24 Hours of Le Mans, bringing two of its models into the game. Pretty much the same as last year's is also the list of Porsche drivers - the only exceptions being Earl Bamber who is replacing the retired Mark Webber and Nick Tandy who's getting behind the wheel instead of last year's winning team member Romain Dumas.

June 4, 2017 Driving photo: Big gallery

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