Thanks to that, Porsche is going to open 300 additional jobs at their headquarters.


When Porsche announced, that the prototype of electric concept car, the Mission E is about to hit production in 2019 and under the name Taycan, all eyes fell on it. Everybody wanted to know the details and it became one of the most anticipated cars out there. Now ‘the pressure’ is about get lower, since Porsche has now announced, that Taycan is about to get a brother, Mission E Cross Turismo.

Interesting crossover-ish electric estate car, first seen as one of the biggest surprises on this year’s Geneva car show, it has been well received by the media as well as the public. And since it was already a road-ready concept, one might have expected the decision, Porsche has now made. Since the car is based on the same platform as Taycan.

Since the car’s vital parts are the same as with Taycan, so are technical details. This means 800 V system voltage, 440 kilowatts of power and range of 500 kilometers on a single charge – albeit measured according to the old NEDC standard. What is also important to mention is the benefits for workforce. Thanks to Cross Turismo, Porsche is going to make additional jobs at their headquarters in Zuffenhausen, bringing the number of workers to 1.200.

Oct. 20, 2018 Driving photo: Porsche

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