Being an all electric car, Taycan does not actally have a Turbo, nor is there a way to have one obviously.

Everybody, who knows a thing or two about automotive history knows about Porsche’s affiliation with turbo chargers. After all, in 1976, Porsche 911 became the first mass produced car in the world to have one fitted under the hood and they have been doing it ever since. In fact, nowadays it is quite difficult not to buy a Porsche without one.

It is, on the other hand weird that Porsche is – like with Cayenne for instance – planning to name Turbo their most expensive and most powerful version of upcoming electric sedan. And this is more than just a rumor since German car manufacturer has officially announced that just two days ago, when listing the prices of the upcoming car in United States. Supposedly, it should arrive on mentioned market within a year.

Then again, looking at the post, they have made on Twitter, it seems, that they have named the top-of-the-line Taycan ‘Turbo’ so that buyers (and bystanders later on) would instantly know what kind of car is it. The thing is, that they have also decided to keep the existing ‘4S’ option, just like with existing models. Oh and the prices (for USA)? From low to high 90.000 dollars for base and 4S version of Taycan, whereas for Turbo version, buyers will have to bring over 130.000 dollars in order to buy one. Options? Not included.

Dec. 28, 2018 Driving photo: Porsche

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