Battery pack will provide the car with enough energy for up to 400 kilometers on a single charge.

Electrification of cars is Porsche's next big plan within following years. Not so long ago they have announced a plan of doubling investments in development of such cars and new facilities. First and only car that announced company's electric future was four-door sedan called Mission-E. Until now. One of the biggest surprises on this year's Geneva car show was Mission-E's new brother called Mission E-Cross Tourismo.

Mission-E Cross Tourismo is roughly an estate version of formerly mentioned sedan. As its name suggests, it is more off-road oriented, or as Porsche stated, should have no problem getting up a ski slope, thanks to significantly higher body.

Speaking of body and dimension, Porsche's latest EV is measuring 4,95 meters in length, 1,99 meters in width and is 1,42 meters high. Inside, it will provide enough space for four passengers on four separate seats. It is worth mentioning, that back seats are going to be foldable, giving much more space even for longer objects in the back. Those are going to be protected by innovative systems of straps.

Now for the main part of the vehicle – its power plant. Cross Tourismo is going to be equipped with a pair of electric engines with power output of 600 bhp. A pair will enable some fast accelerations: 3,5 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers per hour and an additional 9,5 seconds to 200 kilometers per hour. It will also be equipped with torque vectoring system, which will control the amount of torque for a single wheel, providing the car with optimum traction.

March 7, 2018 Driving photo: Dušan Lukič

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