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When earlier this year Paris authorities shut down the famous Autolib car sharing service that has been around for about six years, Paris lost its famous gray electric city cars. On the other hand, an amazing business opportunity came up on the field of car sharing scheme for different companies to step up and take over the market that Autolib left it after bankruptcy.

Company that took the chance is none other than French car corporation, PSA, which is now going to introduce to Paris its own car-sharing scheme or better yet an application called Free2Move. Created in September 2016 and now counting around 1,5 million users and 65.000 vehicles in 12 countries worldwide, this is not a new service on the market.

With Free2move app, PSA is obviously targeting potential users with two flexible options of usage. Frequent users can thus choose an option where they pay 9,90 euros per month for subscription – in that case, they pay 0,32 euros for every minute of using the car; or they can take subscription-free option, where they pay 0,39 euros for every minute of usage.

The car of choice is obvious: Parisians are going to be provided with either Peugeot iOns or Citroen C—Zeros. On top of that, they will be able to park within the city parking spaces free of charge and charge their cars free. So, what is there not to like?

Nov. 30, 2018 Driving photo: PSA

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