Electric GT Championship saw the testing of Tesla Model S racecar at the Circuit Pau-Arnos, proving the car only needs 2 seconds to reach speeds of 60 mph.

Helping Tesla S achieve such an impressive score is the new Ludicrous + mode and some 500 kilograms lower weight, compared to production model Tesla P100D.

As you can see in the video below, this racecar is incredibly fast, so expectations are high for the Electric GT Championship. Its inaugural season is planned to start in August 2017 and visitors will be able to feast their eyes on twenty racers from ten racing teams, going for the win on seven racing events at Nürburgring, Paul Ricard and Catalunya-Barcelona, to name a few. Each event will be a race weekend with a 20-minute practice session, a 30-minute qualifying session and two races - there will be a day and a dusk race, each of them lasting 60 km.

Jan. 31, 2017 Driving photo: Electric GT

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